About us

The Danish Patient Compensation Association is an independent body. Our task is to help patients injured in connection with treatment.

The administration of the Danish Patient Compensation Act has been entrusted to an association – the Patient Compensation Association (In Danish: Patienterstatningen).

We are the central body of the patient compensation scheme and deal with all compensation claims under the Act.

The Patient Compensation Association is run by a board with seven members. One member is appointed by the Minister for Health and Prevention. The other six members are appointed by the region authorities.

It is the board’s task to ensure that the association’s work is organised and arranged properly.

The association’s day-to-day work is managed by an administration department. Therefore, the board only deals with general matters.

The Patient Compensation Association has around 160 employees.

Read on to find out more about the Patient Compensation Association, who we are, our history and how we are organised.