What is an injury?

Your injury may have occurred in connection with medical treatment, examination or due to medication.

If you fall off your bike and hurt yourself, it is not an injury you can report to us. But if something goes wrong in connection with your medical treatment after you fell off your bike, and you sustain further injuries, you may claim compensation for the injury caused by the treatment.

You may also be awarded compensation for an incorrect or late diagnosis or failure to receive treatment. However, it is a requirement that the late/incorrect diagnosis or failure to receive treatment led to an injury.

When it comes to injuries caused by medication, we will look at the seriousness of your side-effects. All medication has side-effects. Therefore it is our duty to assess whether your side-effects are more serious than you should reasonably accept when you also receive treatment for your medical condition.

Donors and participants in medical trials may also claim compensation for injuries.