Apply for compensation

We've compiled some advice that can give an indication of when you ought to apply for compensation.

Injury as an adverse reaction to a drug

Physical and mental injuries after the use of a drug are covered by the law. The injury must exceed what you can reasonably be expected to tolerate. This means that, in cases of serious illness, patients must tolerate greater adverse reactions than in cases of minor illnesses.

Injury occurring in a private hospital or institution

The law covers injuries occurring in private and public hospitals, nursing homes etc. and those caused by authorised health professionals in private practice, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, family doctors etc.

If you have a complaint against a doctor

If you have a complaint against a health professional, please contact The Danish Agency for Patient Complaints. They will decide whether there are grounds for criticism of the professional treatment. There may also be complaints about care, breach of confidentiality etc. The Patient Compensation Association solely focuses on whether an injury has occurred due to the treatment.

Treatment abroad

If you have been referred to treatment abroad by the public health service, you are covered if an injury occurs. However, if you seek treatment abroad on your own initiative, or if you are injured in connection with your holiday and are treated for the injury abroad, you are not covered. Nor are you covered if you are treated abroad via a private supplier of health services. This applies even in cases of treatments that are not offered in Denmark.

You were not cured of the disease

The compensation scheme does not cover unfulfilled expectations of the treatment or a lack of cure, nor is compensation provided for injuries due to a drug failing to provide the intended effect. 


If a patient dies as a result of a treatment related injury or a drug injury, the death can be reported to the The Patient Compensation Association. In such cases, it is possible to award compensation for loss of provider to the deceased’s spouse, cohabiting partner and/or children. According to the law, compensation cannot be awarded for the death of a child, except for compensation for funeral expenses.

Loss of theft of personal property

The Patient Compensation Association does not grant damages for loss of glasses, jewellery and so on.